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Specialty Carts

We offer these versatile carts for sorting, transporting, storing and transferring a wide assortment of items. These carts can be used in a wide variety of ways and in a diverse range of establishments.

Resident Item Carts
1000 Series

These specially designed carts are ideal for nursing home personnel when transporting laundry to and from residents' rooms. Adjustable dividers and label holders are included with each basket to help prevent laundry mix-ups. In addition, the baskets slide out and lock into position for easy access to the laundry or they can be removed and exchanged with a spare basket in each room. A sturdy garment rack is available for hanging clothes. The cart rolls easily on its gray 5" swivel casters (2 with brakes). Fitted flame retardant covers available in 4 attractive colors.
Covers & Replacement Baskets